Own a piece of art from Tayo Jr’s most recent project entitled “E Pluribus Unum.” Inspired by his observance of solidarity displayed by activists and allies during the recent protests against racial violence and police brutality, Tayo weaves a fabric of the United States as represented through its disenfranchised identities who stand united. The black and white monochrome establishes a shared visual plane between each subject and projects an isolated red, white, and blue flag. This serves to dull visible divisions of race, gender, and culture, and unite these protagonists in the action of pulling the United States towards justice, equality, and a more unified nation, against a symbolically unpictured antagonist of passivity.

Tayo is adamant that the message of E Pluribus Unum, and the current socio-political moment it references, is one of unity, egalitarianism, and collective liberation.

“They are the same flesh and blood, pulling against inaction and indifference, pulling for more than themselves.”