About Captured Nouns

Captured Nouns is a creative platform seeking to provide thought-provoking visual imagery that people can identify with and purchase. Our mission is to improve diversity and inclusion in art through the intersection of art and tech. Discover Art, Purchase Prints , Support Digital Artists

What we offer.

Digital Art Marketplace

Explore and purchase digital art prints created by diverse, underrepresented artists.

Photo Journal

Creative projects centered on depicting people, places, and things through visual storytelling.

Creative Services

Our creative team offers photo, video, and graphic design services for your needs.

For Digital Artists, BY Digital Artists.

As photographers and graphic designers, we know how difficult it can be to produce and sell visual imagery.
  • Digital artists who fulfill their own orders have to think of supply and demand factors when selling their art, such as:
    • a) how many prints to order at a time,
    • b) how frequently sales will be made, and
    • c) how those sales will be made (in-person and/or online).
  • These factors make purchasing digital prints costly, where artists charge a significant amount for their work in order to ensure they earn profits. 

It's on us.


Captured Nouns wants to make it easier for artists to sell their work. To do so, we as a company handle the printing and shipping of all art pieces purchased on our marketplace. 

How it works.

1) Digital artists submit .jpg images to be approved for sale on the marketplace.

2) Captured Nouns hand-selects artists to be featured on the marketplace on a rolling basis.

3) Captured Nouns handles the fulfillment (printing and shipping) of all purchases made on the marketplace.

4) Digital artists receive payment once the art has been delivered to the consumer.

Artist Benefits

Exposure to a wide-facing community of art buyers.
Having your art on the Captured Nouns platform means that your work will be seen by a larger audience of art consumers. Your work will be featured on our online marketplace, and sold in-person at various art festivals and marketplaces.
Fund your creativity.
Being creative can be costly. With the income you make from your art on Captured Nouns, you can profit from the fruits of your labor, and fund your next creative project.
Removing financial barriers for digital artists.
Our marketplace will alleviate the burden of printing and shipping your art to consumers, letting you get back to doing what you love; creating visual imagery for others to admire.

Consumer Benefits

Discover talented digital artists.
On the Captured Nouns platform, patrons can explore and purchase prints created by a diverse group of underrepresented digital artists, engage with artists directly, and experience artwork virtually from anywhere.
Find art that represents your perspective.
Captured Nouns features a curated selection of digital artists whose work speaks to the diversity of the world. Meaning that you’re bound to find art that speaks to you.

Support underrepresented digital artists.
Captured Nouns wants to kill the “starving artist” stereotype. Each art piece that you purchase helps fund underrepresented digital artists who work hard at their craft.